Technology-related resources page

An old collection of (mostly) programming tips and tricks, preserved here for posterity.

24 Nov 2008
A portion of my library, libeden, for setting up full screen OpenGL rendering contexts using the Mac OS X. (Originally published 30 Jul 2004.)

20 May 2008
Using PHP and forms in an iWeb web site
iWeb is a great tool for quickly laying out a website. However, it does not include support for using PHP in your iWeb site. Here I will show you how some tips and tricks for using PHP easily in an iWeb site, with an example also showing processing of HTML form data.

24 Oct 2007
zlib, freetype, jpeg, libpng binaries for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
Here, for the convenience of those of us who have to occasionally build code that also runs on Windows, are binaries of four important cross-platform libraries, built for users of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.

8 Oct 2007
WinVDIG: video digitizer component for QuickTime for Windows
This is a authorised mirror of WinVDIG, a video digitizer component (VDIG) for QuickTime® for Windows, by Tim Molteno.

25 Feb 2004
GLUT v3.7 for Darwin
Prebuilt libglut.a for Darwin, to allow use of GLUT with Apples X11.

8 Oct 2003
OpenGL code: improved glm code
Nate Robins wrote this code to read and write and manipulate Wavefront .obj format files for use in OpenGL. I have fixed some bugs and added a few improvements, including textures in .mtl files. Read more about it here. Version 1.0.2 which fixed a couple of small bugs is still here. UPDATE 19 Jan 2004: added some more documentation.

6 Jun 2003
Generating a notification to NotifyMail via AppleScript under MacOS 9
The included AppleScript demonstrates a function "notify(host)", which generates a finger request to the user "nm_notifyuser" on host, the machine named in the parameter to the function. Such a request is designed to be used with the program NotifyMail

3 Dec 2002
Setting up an HP deskjet printer to work with an older Mac via a network
Older Macintoshes can access the latest hp inkjet printers, provided those printers are shared on a network. This page details how to do this in a low-cost fashion suitable for home or office.

26 Dec 2001
OpenGL code: improved readtex code
I fixed some memory leaks in a piece of code for reading in SGI format graphics into OpenGL textures. UPDATE 3 Jan 2002: version 1.0.4 fixes more leaks and provides improved error handling. Improved code is here.

1 Nov 2001
Configuring procmail mail processing
Few people know is that you can configure a account to use the program procmail to do all kinds of useful mail processing. The particular processing of interest to me was the ability to pass selected mail on to another smtp server (my Mac OS X box at home, now also running procmail) for processing, with the smtp envelope intact. So over many months I have developed and refined a .procmailrc file to implement this, along with some basic spam filtering and forwarding, and I'm passing on a little of what I have learned well.

5 Oct 2001
Tools for using PC-based NVIDIA GeForce2 MX cards on a Mac
After much to-ing and fro-ing on the bbs over at xlr8yourmac, I've collected various bits and pieces that will be useful to people trying to get a PC-based NVIDIA GeForce2 MX twinview AGP card to work in their AGP Mac.

21 August 2000


I've been meaning to put up a public page with some of my hacks, tips and toys for other Mac users out there for some time, so here goes. Feel free to email me if you know something I don't.

Using MI/X X-Windows server

Run applications on a unix host and have graphical output displayed on your Mac under OS 9. The freeware MicroImages X-Window server allows you to do this.