zlib, freetype, jpeg, libpng binaries for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.

Here, for the convenience of those of us who have to occasionally build code that also runs on Windows, are binaries of four important cross-platform libraries, built for users of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.

  • zlib
  • freetype
  • jpeg
  • libpng

Click here to download zlib_freetype231_jpeg_libpng-bin-win32-vs81.zip. (The zip file will unpack to a directory named "ext".

For the convenience of the end-user, I have built these as static libraries (denoted by the _s suffix). To use one or more, add the path to the header files to the include path of your project, and the path to the lib files to the linker paths for your project. A "d" in the suffix denotes a library built with debug symbols included.

Explanatory note: changes in the C and C++ runtime model between Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 and Visual Studio 2005 have made it difficult to link code in VS2005 against binaries built with VS2003. However, the gnuwin32 project is not yet distributing binaries of these libraries suitable for VS2005 linking.

Please do not bug me with questions about programming using these libraries. Bug the individual maintainers of the projects instead.

24 October 2007