Notify via AppleScript

From the readme (included inside the .sit archive):

Generating a notification to NotifyMail via AppleScript.
The included AppleScript demonstrates a function "notify(host)", which generates a finger request to the user "nm_notifyuser" on host, the machine named in the parameter to the function. Such a request is designed to be used with the program NotifyMail ( which then initiates a mail fetching procedure via your preferred email client.

I wrote this script because I have a older mac running Mac OS 9 that handles my email via some custom software, and I wanted to include notification to NotifyMail as part of this custom handling. (This script is not necessary under Mac OS X, and could be replaced with the shell command "finger [email protected]" where host is the hostname of the machine running NotifyMail.)

The script is designed to be called from another AppleScript, and should be included and compiled before use. It carries out the actual finger request using an auxiliary program called NetEvents, included in the same .sit file as this readme.

Philip Lamb
[email protected]

Download the archive here